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Suri Fleece Information

Alpaca fibre is versatile, warm, strong and water resistant. It comes in 22 beautiful, natural colours.

Its low allergenic and fine micron fibre is soft enough to wear against your skin with no prickle.

No other fibre animal produces so many colours. Alpaca is also the only fibre animal that can produce a true black fibre. The lustre shines through in alpaca when processed in its true natural colour and it also accepts dyes without trouble.

Alpaca does not contain lanolin, making it possible to process without the harsh scouring that sheep wool requires. It is also the reason alpaca can have 87-95% clean fibre yield whereas sheep tend to have a 43-76%clean fibre yield.

Suri fleece is remarkable in its silk like qualities. It is different from Huacaya fibre, it has less elasticity and memory. High end apparel noted for its extreme lustre and drape make Suri products unique and highly desirable.