Chakana Blue Momentum

IAR No. 190383

Mim is elegant and refined. Her stance is always poised. Stunning in the paddock, her locks returning beautifully after shearing. She has mothered two exceptional crias for us.

Chakana Blue Opal

IAR No. 190381

Opal is an elite quality female and a real favourite amongst our herd. She is quiet and friendly. Possibly our largest framed hembra with excellent conformation and exquisite fibre.

Chakana Blue Ellazene

IAR No. 190382

Ella has an amazing pedigree. Her fleece style dense and consistent.

Chakana Blue Hot Tamale

IAR No. 190387

This animal is no longer in our herd, she has been exported to the UK.

Hot Tamale is the “Stand Out” in our paddocks.

Dignified presence, beautiful coverage and density. Her fleece opens up with consistent nourished style and knockout lustre. She has a full accoyo pedigree. We couldn’t be more pleased with this exceptional Suri girl.

Excelling in the showing we know she will pass on fine genetics to her progeny.

Surilana Zayata ET

IAR No. 157511

Zayata has quite an individual personality, not always choosing to follow the herd, she is very clever sometimes.  Her quiet, accepting nature has made her a fabulous mother to her Chakana Blue crias, all exhibiting exceptional quality.

Chakana Blue Island Treat

IAR No. 190386

This very sound female is quite a package. Inti’s fleece is knockout bright with a dense flat lock that progresses from head to tail. With colour in her genetics she is a valuable herd asset. She has been a very successful show team member.

Chakana Blue My Chiquitita

IAR No. 190389

Chicka is an upstanding suri with colour in her pedigree. Her show career, whilst good, always saw her the bridesmaid to our Hot Tamale. She has a good frame with a dense even coverage and independant lock style.       Her calm disposition makes her a friendly girl amongst the herd.

Surilana Magazine Madonna

IAR No. 179351

This beautiful girl needs no introduction! We are proud to co-own Magazine Madonna with Surilana. She is one of the most decorated well known Suris in Australia.  She had absolute independence, a silky soft handle, fineness, knockout lustre and great density.

Surilana Vogue

IAR No. 206734

-This animal is no longer in our herd, she has been exported to the UK.

Very true to type example of the breed standard, Vogue is from enviable bloodlines.  She has a compact frame with dense lustrous locks which cover her from head to toe.

Surilana Confetti ET

IAR No. 174609

Confetti is an upstanding Suri female.  Registered as a solid medium fawn, she is now a light fawn.  One of our first alpacas, she gave us much pleasure in our early days of showing and still does.  She enjoys a rare treat of dried apricots.

Surilana Timbuktu

IAR No. 136106

A solid girl who ticks all the boxes. The dam of our very successful “Hot Tamale”and more recently two youngsters both showing great potential.  Tia has incredible lustre and beautiful independent coverage.

Surilana Tikalee

IAR No. 136106

Tikalee first caught our eye for her stylish peruvian look.  The oldest animal in our herd, she struts all the correct attributes of a good looking Suri.  Tika has proven her worth as one of our best producing females!

Ladera Estelle D’Or

IAR No. 129274

A finer framed female, Estelle has a big presence and a gorgeous fleece.

Chakana blue Trinity

IAR No. 221648

Trinity is a true to type solid white Sure.  Exhibiting a very fine fleece with great coverage and lovely architecture in her style of fleece.

Chakana Blue Secret

IAR No. 221651

Secret’s pedigree picks up the USA genetics from ILR Torbios Supreme. Her fleece is the prettiest color, displaying beautiful lustre and magnificent density.

Chakana Blue Vision

IAR No. 221652

Correct framed and gentle temperament, this maiden carries a very fine dense fleece with great handle.

Chakana Blue Melting Moment

IAR No. 212126

Mel is the clone of her mother, Momentum.  Although registered as a Light Fawn, she is actually a glowing white.  Superb lustre and slip to her fleece.  She is a valuable addition to our herd.

Arachello Ebony

IAR No. 215230

Ebony is a new addition to our herd purchased from “Arachello Alpacas”.  Beautiful bone and solid frame, she also has an exceptional fleece.  We see great potential from this female in her breeding days ahead.

Chakana Blue Hot Tease

IAR No. 212128

Great results from ET.  An outstanding representation of the Suri standard.  Dense coverage, lustrous white locks developing quickly.  Poised and stylish, she is quite the tease.

Chakana Blue Zaphira

IAR No. 212129

Zaphira is an Appaloosa!  Nourished and dense, she displays very stylish fleece attributes.  With great presence she is quite a looker.